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J-ART Cafe Presents Closer Than Ever: First Look

I created this trailer for J-ART Cafe’s production of Closer Than Ever. As seen on the J-ART Facebook page and


J-ART Presents The Producers: Meet the Tech Team

As part of the marketing campaign for The Producers, I produced a series of video interviews with the cast and crew. As seen on the J-ART Facebook page.


Stevie Norman – Costumer

Frank Maturo – Technical Director

J-ART Promo video for The Producers

I created this promotional video as part of the marketing campaign for J-ART at the JCC’s production of The Producers. As seen on the J-ART Facebook page.

Performed by:

Austin Kopp as Max Bialystock

Chris Rojas as Leo Bloom

Timothy Chávez on piano

Darkness Falls Across the Land

This piece was written for the Honors InSight blog on the Commonwealth Honors College website.

For the past few years, I’ve had one of the most interesting jobs to attempt to have a conversation about. When you tell people, “I work in shows at Six Flags,” a number of questions come up. “What shows do you do?” “Do you dance?” “Do you wear the costumes?” So, what is it that I actually do? Allow me to show you. Continue reading “Darkness Falls Across the Land”


This was my final short fiction assignment for FutureLearn’s “Start Writing Fiction” Course. The primary objective was to fully develop a character in under 1200 words.

Emily kept her head down as she trudged through the parking lot pushing a cart full of diapers, baby food, and five boxes of Little Debbie snacks. Tristan wailed and thrashed in the front of the cart, inviting glares from the nearby customers loading their cars. Emily had stopped trying to apologize for his behavior. Her shoulders caved under the weight of yet another sleepless night. By the time she reached the car  — a rusty slate-colored minivan — she was on the verge of collapse. After loading in the groceries and pinning the child down long enough to buckle him into his car seat, Emily’s knees gave out. She steadied herself on the edge of the door, inhaled deeply, and promised herself that her life wasn’t over just yet. Continue reading “Tristan”

Eyes With Pride

This piece was written as a feature story for the Commonwealth Honors College website.

Thu, 11/21/2013

“How are your feet?”


“How is your chin?”


“How are your eyes?”

“With pride!” Continue reading “Eyes With Pride”

The Assassin, Chapter 6: The business of clipping wings

Gren, Darkwood, Ralenor – Year 58

The heat of the kitchen made her sleepy. She leaned over the vat of stew that would remain uneaten until someone wandered in, which seemed unlikely on a such an ungodly humid day. Her eyes began to drift closed in an involuntary surrender to fatigue. Sweat poured down her face and into her heavy eyes, giving her no choice but to close them. It felt wonderful to welcome the dark, calm presence of sleep. Maybe just a few minutes in one of the freshly made beds upstairs. Her parents would never even know… Continue reading “The Assassin, Chapter 6: The business of clipping wings”

Daddy Deathspire: Revisiting Sanctuary

This is an excerpt from my Honors project in narrative nonfiction, “My Metagame: A Narrative Nonfiction Collection on Video Gaming Experiences.” It was also featured in my Tumblr blog, “My Metagame.”

Click. Friends list. Deathspire. Invite to party. Alexknight and ALoVera, Barbarian and Demon Hunter, glimmered against the dreary background, while Alex and I waited for something to happen. I wished I could see him. I hadn’t seen Alex in about two weeks, but I could hear his voice. Fuzzy and distant like an incomplete radio transmission, but better than the silence. He was nervous. “You’ll be fine,” I kept telling him. Continue reading “Daddy Deathspire: Revisiting Sanctuary”

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